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Executive coaching

Learning, growth and performance breakthroughs

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”
Barack Obama

Coaching is the art of bringing the best out of people.

I provide executive coaching to senior managers, high-fliers and business owners so they can achieve breakthrough performance, grow their capabilities and overcome workplace challenges.

I believe that, with courage, passion and targeted effort, almost anything is possible.

Creating clarity out of confusion: My coaching approach

From the first meeting, I help clients increase their self-awareness and understanding of the relational context they are working in. To do this, I use a range of robust theories and tools from coaching, psychology and organisation development.

In particular, I’m an experienced and accredited practitioner in the use of:

I then work with my clients to help them discover their passion and set inspiring goals. This often involves in-depth dialogue to help people recognise their strengths and transform limiting beliefs and behaviours. Here, brand-new choices and opportunities often open up. But I never tell a client what to do. My role is to help them find their own answers.

My approach is grounded in business reality. I call on my hard-won experience in big business to help clients develop clear, pragmatic plans. I then work with them over time to help them learn from their experiences and adjust their approach accordingly.

I specialise in coaching people who work in multinational contexts.

Duration, frequency and format

The duration and frequency of coaching depends on the individual’s needs. I meet some clients weekly over three to four months as they negotiate important transitions and challenges. With others, I might provide less-frequent coaching over a longer period or I might work intensively with someone on a particular issue for just one or two sessions. Most meetings are face to face, supplemented by contact on the phone, email and Skype.

Delivering for the organisation

If you commission me to coach your leaders and senior managers, this creates a three-way contract in which my role is to meet the needs of the coaching client while also delivering for your organisation. In setting up any new coaching agreement, an early task is to make sure individual and organisational aims are aligned.

Executive coaching benefits


Better job performance, a big promotion, more profit


Discover needs, goals, values, strengths and weaknesses


Discover what really motivates you


Influence and engage at all levels


Understand and communicate well with others


Time to reflect and open up insights and ideas


Change beliefs and attitudes and escape shackles of the past


Tackle new challenges and make bold decisions


Build a work life that provides lasting satisfaction

Executive coaching applications

Lumina Spark

Senior leaders

Senior leaders carry a huge weight of responsibility in an organisation, yet there are few people they can talk to openly.

Coaching can help leaders think through sensitive and complex issues, open up fresh thinking and enhance their approach to leadership.

Lumina Spark

High-potential people

Coaching is a great way to prepare high-fliers for their next step. It allows them to identify and build the capabilities they will need and get ready for more responsibility and accountability.

By offering coaching to your organisation’s high-fliers, you will be securing your investment in their development.

Lumina Spark


Coaching can help boards and other senior teams work together better. It builds consensus on goals and values, helps people navigate team dynamics and kindles dialogue, new ideas and good decisions.

Team coaching can be followed up with one-to-one sessions.