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Lumina Learning

Powerful diagnostics for self-awareness and change

I’m an accredited Lumina Learning practitioner. I have extensive training and experience in using the three key Lumina psychometric tools: Lumina Spark, Lumina Leader and Lumina Sales.

The Lumina instruments are powerful diagnostics that I like to use in coaching and in consulting. They provide precise and often surprising insight into our behavioural and communication traits. The ‘portraits’ they provide can be the basis for helping people achieve new self-understanding, improve their interpersonal effectiveness and change their outcomes.

Lumina is founded on the theory of personality developed by psychiatrist Dr Carl Jung in the 1920s and empirical research over the past 80 years into the Big5 aspects of personality. Lumina applies these concepts to the business setting in an accessible and pragmatic way.

I like Lumina because it avoids stereotyping. It treats everyone as unique, with their own mix of traits and patterns of behaviour. In particular, it highlights the differences between our everyday behaviours and those that come to the surface when we’re overextended. This insight is critical to self-awareness and to making lasting changes.

Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark is Lumina Learning’s flagship psychometric tool. Lumina Spark provides an accurate, personalised portrait focusing on increased self-awareness and practical development points to assess and improve communication, teamwork and leadership.

Lumina Sales

Lumina Sales is based on a personalised assessment of the impact of an individual’s personality preferences on the sales cycle. It focuses on improving influencing skills and harnessing natural strengths more efficiently in the selling process.

Lumina Leader

Lumina Leader is a powerful tool that helps individuals gain a better understanding of their leadership style and strengths. It also provides the opportunity to incorporate feedback from others to present a comprehensive view of a leader’s personality.